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Feel like reaching for a snack? Treat yourself to A Lil Nutty certified organic, vegan trail mixes and munches to cure your cravings! Proudly owned by Koa Natural Foods, a Canadian manufacturer committed to providing healthy and delicious snack solutions, A Lil Nutty offers a line of nutritious snacks that encourage a lively and healthier lifestyle. With a commitment to the quality of their products,

Koa Natural Foods believes that you deserve a life of health, prosperity, and love which starts with how you treat your mind, body and spirit. With that in mind, we recommend reaching for their Dusted Cocoa Almonds, a Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan snack made with superfoods that act as the perfect pick me up for a powerful and positive day. If you’re not in the mood for chocolate, go goji crazy with their delicious Goji & Nut Trail Mix! Made with the perfect blend of nuts, chocolates, superfoods and mouth watering taste, eating health has never tasted so good.