List of products by brand Casbah

Casbah® brand was originally founded by Dimitri Cados in the 1970s. Born and raised in Israel, where his parents owned a restaurant, Cados was not only familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine but also passionate about bringing it to the Western world. Dimitri saw the growing natural food movement and felt that the flavors and foods of the Middle East would appeal to vegetarians, vegans and natural food enthusiasts alike. He started with making falafel and selling it to local restaurants in Berkley, CA. Over the next few years, he added new products such as Tabouli and Hummus and began selling to natural retailers. In the mid-80s, Dimitri expanded the Casbah® portfolio into Couscous, a popular Mediterrean dish and became the first American producer of Couscous. Today, Casbah®brand has an extensive portfolio of Middle Eastern & Mediterrean products and continues to focus on bringing authentic and natural foods to our consumers.