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A seventh-generation Nova Scotian, Nancy Smithers has always had a lifelong love affair with herbs and the wild medicinal flora of her province. When trying to locate high quality organic products, she found few reliable sources available. Armed with natural health courses from Alberta’s Wild Rose College, and with the help of an herbalist friend, Nancy combed the wild terrain of Nova Scotia.

She first began crafting these herbs into tinctures which she manufactured in her own kitchen, located in her home on the Atlantic coastline. As she recalls, “The kitchen looked like a disaster area, with herbs and dirt all over everything.”

From that modest beginning, Nancy created a flourishing company, and now the Nova Scotia Organics brand. Well capitalized and powerfully motivated, Nancy grew her kitchen table operation into a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is certified to produce the highest quality and purest organic vitamins, minerals, supplements and snack foods possible.

As President, Nancy uses her 25 years of business, herbal and organic expertise to promote her products and the causes related to organic production effectively. 'Organic' is no marketing buzzword to her; it’s her way of life and her company’s reason for success.

Nancy has co-sponsored academic research into the medicinal effects of organic remedies. She has also served on the Natural Health Products Directorate’s Management Advisory Committee on Natural Health Products and is aligned with other natural product organizations.

A recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Civil Laws from St. Mary’s University, Nancy has been nationally saluted as a role model for entrepreneurs, an advocate of academic research, and a dedicated champion of organic agriculture and production.

Those of us who work with her are continually amazed at not only her encyclopedic knowledge of organics, plants and herbs, but her ability to operate every machine in the factory. She’s fierce, fearless, passionate, and has more energy than any one person should. Her greatest wish is that you be well.