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Price CA$23.61

A fish oil enriched krill product to help maximize the quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, all while offering a small triple action softgel that is easy to swallow. Its absorption is improved compared to pure fish oils. Per softgel: Omega-3 EPA - 159 mg Omega-3 DHA - 82.5 mg Triple action : Better absorption of omega-3s for better efficiency, helps...

Price CA$15.74

A very concentrated garlic-based formula in an enteric coating, which supports cardiovascular health without the bad breath that can occur when consuming garlic. Maintains cardiovascular health Reduces blood lipids Maintains blood pressure Treats respiratory and intestinal infections

Price CA$10.17

A fish oil softgel that provides the basic omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy heart. Per softgel: Omega-3 EPA 180 mg Omega-3 DHA 120mg A source of omega-3 fatty acids to help complete your diet Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular health Helps maintain cognitive functions and the functioning of the brain