BR Naturals

BR Naturals

Boris Novosel, founder of BR Naturals, was born in a small coastal village in Koper, Slovenia in the 1960s.

He grew up appreciating good home-grown food from his mom who harvested and cultivated her own fruits and vegetables. To this day his mom still continues to live off the land and grows as much of her own food as possible. She even presses her own cooking oils, the quality of which is unparalleled in its genuine taste and flavor. Seeking the same quality in cooking oils on the Western Continent, Boris was disappointed. Nothing he could find on the market offered the same true taste of what he remembered cooking oil should taste like. Everything he tried had artificial flavors or added fillers, so he embarked on a journey to grow his own produce just like his mom. It started as a small endeavor that soon took off and had him buying land in Yobain, Yucatán México, where he now organically grows and processes acres of moringa, chia, neem, lemongrass, limes and more.

Boris founded BR Naturals in 2012 to bring his products to market. Wanting to remain true to his vision of offering only 100% natural products to the end consumer, BR Naturals does not support multinational conglomerates where ingredient production involves GMOs or the use of questionable fertilizers or processing methods. His team works hard to abide by the strict growing and processing standards laid out by the company. Pure, high quality ingredients is the company’s top priority because its employees believe that the most natural approach creates the healthiest and tastiest products.

In keeping with its philosophy, BR Naturals recently relaunched its lines of cooking oils and edible dry products with a more modern and clean appearance; breaking away from traditional ideas that foods should bear ‘homemade’, old-world style packaging design. Although that imagery is popular and indicative of quality consumers have learned to recognize, our goal was to redefine the standard preconceptions of what good, quality food looks like. In order to attract a larger, perhaps even younger audience, BR Naturals has opted for a more modern, bold design set against a sleek black background with matching packaging.

BR Naturals hopes its new packaging will invite those who would normally walk past the healthy foods section to stop and take a second look. Hopefully, by doing so, consumers will end up purchasing more wholesome alternatives and perhaps be inspired to continue searching for better ways to improve and enhance their life by consuming healthier, tastier, natural products.