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Eco Guardian started with a simple idea: How can we help reduce the number of plastic bags we all use? From that thought came the product line that started our company; Reusable Bags. Every one bag we sold had the potential to, and did, replace thousands of plastic bags and over the course of a few years, we saw the industry begin to prefer reusable over single-use plastic bags.

Then the time came for other single-use items to be put to question. If a society can shift to a more sustainable option for bags, then why not for other products too? Single-use food service items are used day-in-day-out worldwide and produce a huge amount of waste. We thought there must be a better option. When the industry was certain that there was no suitable alternative for traditional plastic food packaging, Eco Guardian boldly launched its line of 100% compostable sugarcane-based foodservice items. From then on, we have been continuously growing, innovating and looking for the best solutions to address the growing disposal concerns caused by traditional polystyrene foam and plastic food service items.

Eco Guardian - Eco Party Kit - Packaging of 1 box (104 pcs)
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Eco Guardian - Eco Party Kit - Packaging of 1 box (104 pcs). Serves 10 people. A paper kit with window, contains 10 sets of compostable cutlery(10, spoons, 10 forks, 10 knives), 20 napkins, 10 paper cups with sleeves, 4x12.5'' Oval baggase Plates, 10x9'' Square baggase Plates, 20x7'' square baggase plates. Every components included in the kit is compostable(recyclable)..