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Genacol Pain Relief | Genacol Original Formula


Want To Maintain Or Improve Health Of Cartilage? Buy Our Natural Pain Relief Gels & Capsules. Secured Payment Gateway. Shop Now!

At Easy Pharma, we distributenatural pain reliefmedicines to patients suffering from various pains and conditions. Our supplements are 100 percent effective and they aid in providing comfort to various areas of the body, from excruciating pain. After realizing the numerous benefits offered, many people have stopped taking allopathic medicines, which are hazardous to health.Pain relief supplements distributed by Easy-Pharmaare far more safe and beneficial as compared to other medicines filled with chemicals. By regular use of our pain relief supplements, benefits such as, reduction in body stiffness, inflammation, pain and discomfort, apart from improvement in mobility, can be experienced in patients. These medicines help in removing pain problems from their roots rather than suppressing them. Patients witness a marked improvement in their flexibility levels as these supplements help rebuild cartilage and torn ligaments. So treat pain the natural way & rely on us! Below given is a selection of natural pain relief medicines and creams by Genacol. All these medicines are backed by original Genacol formula and preparation that will ensure instant relief from all kind of muscular pains, discomfort, and inflammation. You may check out the reviews for more information.

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Price CA$34.99

The new Genacol Optimum is an improved, enhanced liquid formula that helps reduce joint pain associated with arthrosis/osteoarthritis. This high-quality natural product contains a combination of 4 natural ingredients essential to the maintenance of joint health. 

Price CA$27.59

Thanks to it’s unique complex of AminoLock® Collagen, Curcumin standardized to 95% curcuminoids and BioPerine®, a black pepper extract, the NEW Genacol Anti-Inflammatory fights against intense joint pain and inflammation. 90 capsules Genacol Anti-Inflammatory is an optimal and unique formula! Curcumin standardized to 95% curcuminoids is 30 to 40 times...

Price CA$17.80

Fast relief of muscle and joint pain Genacol Instant Genacol instant is a natural anti-inflammatory topical gel of high quality used to help relieve pain and/or inflammation of the muscles and joints. 120 ml It does not contain any heating or cooling agents that create an intense sensation on your skin. Its light wintergreen scent is soothing on...

Price CA$11.20

Genacol Triple Action is a topical spray that helps quickly relieve muscle and joint pain. 60ml Natural and free of side effects, Genacol Triple action quickly penetrates the skin and leaves no oily residue. It does not contain any heating or cooling agents that create an intense sensation on your skin.It’s light wintergreen scent is soothing on...

Price CA$27.99

Helps reduce joint pain in less than 5 days. Genacol® Pain-Relief contains AminoLock® Collagen, and BiovaFlex ™ soluble Natural Eggshell Membrane, which efficacy for healthy joints is scientifically proven. The soluble Natural Eggshell Membrane contains key nutrients that help to reduce joint pain and stiffness. It also improves joint flexibility.