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I am the owner of GAGA For Gluten-Free – an all natural, allergen friendly, totally delicious cookie brand that you can find in a variety of stores across Canada.

My hobby has always been baking; from creating life size cakes that replicate a gift that I am giving to baking cookies with my children. So, while on maternity leave, I took advantage of being home, and started experimenting with cookies. My mom loved them so much that she served a batch of the cookies to her dinner guests. They loved them so much that they began requesting orders.

Seizing this opportunity, I made a life-changing decision to become a mompreneur and packaged my cookies to share with the masses!

My grassroots demoing approach gives me the opportunity to serve the love alongside the cookies, and to listen to my customers. With an overwhelming consensus, my customers wanted a brand they could TRUST, a cookie that tasted DELICIOUS and ingredients that were GOOD for You. And that is what GAGA For Gluten-Free is all about!

Our bakery is a DEDICATED gluten-free (to eliminate cross-contamination), peanut-free, tree-nut free, kosher facility. We take pride in testing to 5 parts per million (ppm) of glutenous property or less - the most stringent testing on the market. The industry standard is 20 p.p.m.

GAGA For Gluten-Free is also an Allergen-Friendly brand. Free from gluten, wheat, eggs, corn, yeast, sesame seeds, peanuts, tree nuts, sulphites, and soy (except for soy lecithin in chocolate flavours). We even use Canadian hormone-free butter and non-GMO ingredients.

Using evaporated cane juice, an unrefined sugar, we keep our cookies LOW in SUGAR with only 2 grams per cookie! And because we don't mask our ingredients with a lot of sugar you can actually TASTE each ingredient! And they taste DELICIOUS!

GAGA For Gluten-Free is a brand of allergen-friendly cookies that your whole family can enjoy.

We proudly support fellow Canadian suppliers by having our product and packaging made in Canada. Rah, Rah Canada!

The Secret To Why Our Cookies Taste So Good? All Natural. Few Ingredients. Tastes Like Homemade.

But be forewarned…the cookies are addictive!