Yogi Organic Teas

Yogi Organic Teas

We stand for more than ‚just tea‘. Since more than 40 years, our products are rooted within/based upon the Indian philosophy of Ayurveda. We strive to inspire people and donate moments of pause, mindfulness and vital energy.

Ayurveda is:

Applied knowledge – Ayurveda means “Knowledge (Veda) of Life (Ayur)”, the knowledge of the skill of living a life in spiritual balance and wellbeing.

Ancient – the earliest recorded examples date back to 1,500 years before the start of the Christian era.

Universal – the knowledge of the nature of people is seen as the shared asset of all peoples and cultures.

Practical – fulfilment is defined as a practical, active transformation of lifestyle.

Holistic – it believes the mind and soul of the person to be part of a whole.

Balance – it argues that everything centres on the spiritual balance of the individual.