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Hey, I’m Jesse. I’m an entrepreneur from Toronto and the founder of Maze Bar.

I started working on Maze Bar as a high-school student athlete. It began as a personal solution to a problem I had. It seemed like every bar I bought was made with sugars and syrups that spiked my insulin levels giving me a quick sugar rush, followed by feeling sluggish and burnt out. So I started making my own using just household ingredients, pretty much the same ingredients in Maze Bars now - fruits, nuts and spices. I would eat them all the time and felt a noticeable positive impact on my energy levels and mood. I felt great. I shared my home-made creations with friends, family and teammates and made adjustments based off their input. Other people loved them just as much as me.

Now, Maze Bars are produced in a commercial facility by one of Canada’s largest bar companies, in productions of 50,000 bars at a time! They’ll be sold in over 1,000 retailers by year-end, and they’re distributed to offices across Canada, including Salesforce and Google. Later this year we’ll be introducing several new Maze Bar flavours, and next year we’ll be launching some new products.