List of products by brand Phillip Adam Inc.

Before starting his own line of natural products, Phillip Adam worked as a hairdresser for nearly 50 years. During his long and successful career he had a chance to work with some of the best names in the industry and establish a unique approach to hairdressing.

A very pure and simple approach of emphasising the natural beauty in each head of hair and his desire to work with clean, high-performing products led Phillip to creating his original line of hair care products made of all-natural based botanical ingredients. Remembering his grandmother’s praises of apple cider vinegar for the hair, Phillip incorporated her advice into his shampoo formula with ACV as a star ingredient.

The outstanding performance of Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo on both natural and color treated hair has soon made it Phillip Adam’s No.1 selling product.

With the success of ACV hair care program and increased customers’ demand for natural products that are free of harsh chemicals, Phillip soon extended his product line to skin care and styling products that proved to have the same beneficial effects to skin and hair.

Today, Phillip Adam Inc. is still a family-run company. It’s based in Vancouver and run by Phillip with the help of his wife Judy and daughter Nicola. His products are available in over 700 retail locations as well as online, with more and more customers recognizing them as safe and effective for all ages and everyday use.