List of products by brand Splendor Garden

Splendor Garden was started in 2012 after Colleen Haussecker had been through a life-changing battle with breast cancer. She realized her passion – to provide food that is healthy, nutritious and that tastes good. She started her business with organic spices and herbs to add antioxidants and extra nutrition to meals, without relying on salt, sugar, or fat for flavour.

Being a female entrepreneur can be tough, but Colleen knew people should have the option to buy organic spices and herbs. She laughs when she remembers what her grandma’s spice cupboard looked liked “There were handwritten labels on scraps of paper taped to the bottles and tins”. Colleen thought it would be a unique touch to add re-adhesive labels on the Splendor Garden spice bags to use for your refillable spice containers. The interest in organic spices and herbs has taken off and Colleen and the Splendor Garden team are excited to be offering even more food options for organic and gluten free customers.