List of products by brand Thera Wise

Established in 2003, Vancouver-based Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd. is a Canadian health sciences company producing the Thera Wise line natural bio-active personal care product and innovative 'no toothpaste needed' toothbrushes.

Since its inception, Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd. has been a leader in the “green chemistry personal care movement,” which is committed to providing the most effective bio-active, all-natural personal care products available today.

Our plant-based personal care and mineral toothbrushes offer natural solutions. Each carefully selected plant and mineral used in Thera Wise products, has a healing energetic vibration that interacts intimately with our body and mind offering gentle, balanced holistic care.

Thera Wise products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art Health Canada Site License (NHP) and Establishment License (Pharmaceutical) approved facility, ensuring strict quality control from raw material selection through to the finished products.