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As parents, we’re all faced with so many choices and considerations every day and we’re hoping that we’re making the best decisions we can for our kids. We started Coco & Tini because the more research we did on personal care products when we were deciding what to use for our first baby the more concerned we became about the potentially harmful ingredients found in so many of the things we use everyday. From artificial fragrance and harsh chemicals to hormone disrupting and petroleum-derived ingredients, there seemed to be so many things to try and avoid, particularly when we learned about the impact these elements might have on babies’ and children’s developing systems. So, we set out to formulate a line based on ingredient safety, integrity and performance. Our goal was to create a brand and product assortment that could become a family fixture- with you right from the birth of your child and beyond- because it meant you didn’t have to worry about what was in the bottle.

Coco & Tini - Detangler - Packaging of 200ml
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Coco & Tini - Detangler - Packaging of 200ml. Soft and shiny hair is great. Not having to battle your child to get a comb or brush through a tangled mess is even better. Great for long locks and curls and as a daily conditioner (for moms too!). Carries the CertClean designation to ensure ingredient i. Product from Canada.
Coco & Tini - Shampoo - Packaging of 200ml
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Coco & Tini - Shampoo - Packaging of 200ml. We have kids. We know what a dirt-magnet their hair can be. To help you in your daily struggle to keep them clean, we created this gentle but effective shampoo, without any sulfates or harsh cleansing agents. Carries the CertClean designation to ensure in. Product from Canada.