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It was about 10 years ago

when I started searching for a cause of irritable and painful period. I've learned that I was not the only one. A lot of women around the world--and especially teens--are suffering from abdominal pain and skin irritation during their period; about 50% of women have a recurrent yeast or vaginal infection. I wanted to understand why it was happening to us, and if there was anything I could change to alleviate these symptoms.

After consulting with gynecologists and dermatologists I learned that pain and infections can be caused not only by hormones but also by bacteria, toxic chemicals and synthetic materials found in pads and tampons. I was on a quest to find the best pads which would not only be healthy, toxin-free but also have a great absorbency. I've discovered that there is a textile used in health care that incorporates silver and tourmaline; both have great health benefits, especially for women during a period. So with the help of professionals, I designed skin-friendly, air permeable, and toxin-free pads and liners with Anion strip that provide women ultimate comfort and a peace of mind. I have personally designed all Genial Day packaging as well.

Genial Day - Absorbent Liners - Packaging of 18ct
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Genial Day - Absorbent Liners - Packaging of 18ct. Liners for women who need longer and wider liners to protect underwear. These liners are also the perfect choice for women dealing with light incontinence. Super soft and thin, the super-absorbent liners are great for the last days of your period when som. Product from China.