List of products by brand Silkeny

Silkeny Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh sun kissed coconuts, harvested from the renowned Coconut Triangle in Sri Lanka where simple way of life still prevails with environmental pollution at its minimal and organic farming has been the way of life for generations.

Silkeny is produced in our own state of the art factory that is been certified with globally renowned certifications and we support the traditional farming and the communities in the triangle. Our oil is cold-pressed to ensure the highest integrity and quality, maintaining the purest flavour, aroma, creamy white colour and nutritional richness. The result is a 100% pure oil that is rich, decadent, and silky smooth from taste to touch, providing an oasis for your body, inside and out. This is the Silkeny difference.

We are crazy about coconuts! Why, you ask? Having been touted as the healthiest oil on Earth, the more research that is done on coconut oil only confirms that it is a restorative and healing superfood. We are just scratching the surface with all the health benefits it offers.

Versatile Silkeny Coconut oil, can be used for cooking, body moisturizing and hair care. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) rich in lauric acid known to increase energy.

Our mission is to help educate people on the enormous health benefits that coconut oil offers. We want to encourage people to live and eat their best, and we firmly believe that integrating coconut oil into your daily routine, whether it’s taking 1-3 tablespoons each day to boost your energy and take in all the antimicrobial benefits, moisturizing your skin with it, or practicing better oral health through oil-pulling, coconut oil will contribute to your overall wellness.