List of products by brand Smartshake

Let’s go all the way back to 2008. On a bright Swedish morning, soon-to-be Smartshake founder Mikael Bergström grabbed a shaker, filled it with milk and protein powder, and went for his car. Already a busy man, he was used to being in a hurry, and some days just didn’t give time for more than liquid breakfast. As he started to shake his cup while driving, the lid flew off and he found himself covered in protein mix. Not the best way to start your day, but this story has a different ending.

Luckily for us, Mikael didn’t just clean up and continue his day. He started thinking. If this happened to him, it surely must have happened to many others? He imagined a new breed of leak-proof shakers made from high quality materials. Then he added revolutionary features like attachable storage compartments to end the messy business of mixing your drinks from different bags of content. That’s it. The Smartshake was born. So, here’s to the old shaker with the crappy lid. Thanks for the inspiration!