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Being founded in 1998, and after years of constant improvements plus 5 years of obtaining all of the required licenses and certifications of the highest quality standards of Natural Health Product, “Biovalens” became one of the leading health supplements in Canada. Currently, we have customers all over the world, guiding them and helping live healthier, happier and longer lives!

Biovalens is proud to supply consumers with innovative, 100% pure and the very best ORGANIC nutrition supplements that exist in the industry these days. We’ve been a trusted source of wellbeing in Canada for over 10 years, inspiring people to improve their life, become healthy and strong, and what is more important – happy!

Using the most modern technics, our team of scientists, experts and professionals guarantee the best quality product on the market. We focus exclusively on all natural ingredients, taking the best components from roots, leaves and plants from all over the world, like: blue-green freshwater algae (SPIRULINA) from Hawaii, morinda citrifolia (NONI) from Haiti, konjac (GLUCOMANNAN) from Eastern Asia, Japan, lepidium meyenii (MACA) from Peru and the high Andes of Bolivia.

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