List of products by brand Always Bearded Lifestyle


We start in 2014, Sven Hansen dropped the beard after several years in the world of business sales. We always kept a short stubble, but we started to want to grow longer. His journey would not be easy.

When his beard develops, the skin underneath becomes dry and flaky. Curly hair, but of course, curls up and stuffs his face; plus, as a hair buffer was attached to his face that created a constant desire for any shave. Sven today calls these growth pains "Beard Pain ™".

At the time, hairdressing salons were becoming more numerous, while the beard was starting to become more and more popular, these last bits of the beard cutter. Here, there was help, but he soon realized that these barbers did not offer much in a selection of beard grooming products and that they did not want a reason to beard. Sven was so uncomfortable.

That's what pushed. Sven Hansen has developed the product line for natural beards. Always Bearded Lifestyle ™ Home Blend.