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Boiron is a French-based global leader in homeopathic medicines. Our laboratory operations are rooted in a proud family tradition and guided by a passion for excellence in homeopathy.

The company was founded in 1932 by two pharmacists who also happened to be twin brothers. Fifty years later Boiron went global and established their first US presence in Philadelphia under the name Boiron USA.

However, it wasn’t until 1989 inspired by the trend in homeopathic medicine where Boiron became fully invested in homeopathy and built a new warehouse in California. The brand has seen rapid expansion in the US and Canada as their staff of 120 pharmacists, lab technicians, and other team members support their vision to provide homeopathic medicine (homeopathy page) around the world.

What is Boiron used for?

As a homeopathic medicine brand, Boiron provides a wide range of treatments and remedies for the common cold, coughs, anxiety, and allergies. They also provide a range of stress and pain relief remedies, which is their Sedatil product. However, their most popular remedy is Boiron Camilia, which helps teething babies get the sleep they need as it alleviates the pain from their painful gums.

Boiron also has products that alleviate motion sickness, nausea and nasal congestion. They have spent the last three decades with the best in class pharmacists to provide superior quality products across multiple categories.

Where can you find Boiron?

At Easy Pharma we provide a large selection of Boiron products in Canada. Whether you need a treatment for yourself or your baby, our carefully selected range has you covered. We provide dosage recommendations and the product’s data sheet to ensure you know what you are purchasing.