List of products by brand NannoPad

Imagine a time where women endure discomfort every month due to PMS symptoms…bloating, backaches, cramps, total discomfort. Now, imagine a time where all of those symptoms could be alleviated with the help of an all-natural and organic pad. Fast forward – now is that time.

Nannocare Inc. was formed in Los Angeles and is comprised of a group of inventors, doctors, scientists, product developers, and most importantly, women who are tired of dealing with crippling menstrual cramps.

The initial spark came when one of the founder's girlfriend was in bed for days each month in agonizing pain caused by menstrual cramps. Her only relief was taking handfuls of medication that have known risk of side effects. This began the search for a natural, safe alternative to the options women have today.

Following years of development, NannoPad® was created with women’s comfort in mind and created with elements that we expect in today’s day and age. Not only were we forward thinking in how the pad is worn, but also with its functionality and innovation beyond the normal usage. The team at Nannocare is thinking differently and making an impact on the lives of millions of women globally. From your teenage years to menopause, we want to be a part of your life and grow with you.