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Clef des Champs

Founded 40 years ago by Marie Provost in a corner of her kitchen at home, today Clef des Champs is a prosperous company which has brought together a joyous team of herbalists and gardeners. A team of more than 40 can be found cultivating, harvesting, transforming, bottling and distributing themedicinal plants, herbs, teas and spices, all certified organic.

The Clef des Champs Process

In the gardens, Dominique, Mikaël, Cécile, Jessica, Yan, Wilson, Virginie, Êve, Mathieu, Cindy, Marlène, Floran and Ludovic cultivate the herbs. Brigitte and Alyssandre are looking after the harvesting while Julie is in charge of the transfo. Geneviève welcome visitors in the garden. In our workshop, Marie-Soleil, Jocelyne, Stéphanie, Carmen, Nathalie and alos Jocelyn are responsible for production; Éric and Pascale take care of the shipping, Nicole and Esther are in charge of customer service; Natalie and Linda keep in touch with our clients; Marie-Êve, Geneviève, Lyne, Alexis and Melanie are educators; Gaelle is taking care of quality control, François explores the "virtual world" looking for suppliers while Karine is in charge of marketing and Catherine is the graphic designer. Ulysse is our tech support, while Laurier-Pierre is our in house osteopath. It's a group of very inspired people… who are committed to sharing their passion with you.