R55+ crème rutavine (topique) tube, emballage de 50g for CA20.84
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R55+ crème rutavine (topique) tube, emballage de 50g

R55+ crème rutavine (topique) tube, emballage de 50g
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R55+ crème rutavine (topique) tube, emballage de 50g
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Data sheet

Packaging 50g
Dr Reckeweg

Dr Reckeweg

The origins of Laboratoires DR. RECKEWEG Bensheim, today known worldwide, date back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It was at this time that the natural medicine practitioner, Heinrich Reckeweg (1877-1944), born in Herford (Westphalia, Germany), founded the laboratory "EUPHA" where he developed the very first combined remedies on the based on Hahnemann's principle of similarities. In 1947 the company was refounded by a homeopathic doctor, Dr. Alfred Reckeweg and his brother Klaus-Günther.

The Pharmazeutische Fabrik DR. RECKEWEG & CO. GmbH, which has achieved internationally recognized standards, is currently managed by Michael Reckeweg. While managing at the height of modern requirements, the current leader of the company feels bound to the heritage of the founder, Heinrich Reckeweg who, by founding the laboratory EUPHA ("eu" means "good" in Greek), committed to making safe and effective medicines.

It is to this tradition that we must attribute the worldwide success of DR's Gastreu series. RECKEWEG. The brand "Gastreu" suggests that remedies are easy to digest.

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Livraison rapide, bonne qualité, meilleur produit jamais !!!


Bon travail

Produit brillant.


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Je le recommande vraiment.



J'ai eu une bonne expérience avec ça.


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Je l'ai aimé.


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C'est ce que ça montre.