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Adrien Gagnon - ALFALFA - Packaging of 200 tablets
CAD $ 12.99
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This supplement is an excellent source of antioxidants and is also a great toner and alkalizer for the system.Contains alkaline vitamins and mineralsDecreases cholesterolNeutralizes carcinogenic substances that are present in the intestineAppeases digestive troublesRich in chlorophyll and saponaria
Adrien Gagnon - ARTHRIFLEX - Packaging of 100 g
CAD $ 7.99
(tax excl.)
This analgesic cream provides instant relief for issues such as arthritic pain and rheumatisms, muscular stiffness and inflammatory pains like sciatica, bursitis, lumbago, pain back, sprains, and chest cold.Natural and grease-free analgesic creamProvides instant relief against arthritic pain as soon as appliedHelps soothe muscular or cellular pain, stiffness, and inflammationHelps relieve chest colds such as bronchitis