Black Spruce Essential Oil 1/2 FL OZ
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Black Spruce Essential Oil 1/2 FL OZ

Black Spruce Essential Oil 1/2 FL OZ Traditionally known properties: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mimics hormones and cortisone, general tonic (sudden bouts of fatigue), fungicide, parasiticide, cough suppressant, expectorant and antispasmodic.

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Our essential oils are guaranteed exceptionally pure and natural. NONE are modified, diluted, terpeneless, rectified or recombined. All LOTUS AROMA Essential Oils undergo particle-size analysis (density, refractive index and gerydinat), gas-chromatography chemical analysis (molecular separation and quantification) and mass spectrometry (molecular rating). These analysis allow us to control each essential oil for compliance and ascertain that quality standards are met. Any non-compliant batch is rejected. LOTUS AROMA Essential Oils are systematically analyzed to ensure the quality of their components and sound chemical activity.

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