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  • Adrien Gagnon

    Adrien Gagnon is one of the biggest and oldest natural health companies in Canada, founded by Mr. Gagnon in 1946; It has been a Consumers' Choice winner for 2 consecutive years in the Body and Health products category.

    Adrien Gagnon is the most recognized health product brand in Quebec with more than 150 products: vitamins, minerals and natural source supplements; which are developed with a constant concern for quality, insuring reliability and efficiency for the consumer. All of the company's products comply with standards established by Health Canada.

  • ATPLab


    At ATP laboratories, human beings are at the heart of our concerns. To improve their quality of life, we are building on our 40 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing pure, effective and high quality natural health products. Innovative and tireless, we are committed to working closely with our partners to develop, produce and market the best products in the industry.

  • Bio Lonreco

    Located in Dorval since its founding in 1987, Bio Lonreco's mission is to offer high-end natural health products with efficient service.

    In its early days, the company distributed vitamins and supplements as well as Dr. Reckeweg's homeopathic specialties.

    Over the years, new product lines have been added to offer a more complete selection of therapeutic products.

    In addition, all products distributed by Bio Lonreco are manufactured to "GMP" standards and have a license (DIN-HM, NPN or EN) from Health Canada. The products offered are therefore of the highest quality possible.

  • Bio-K

    Bio-K Plus International is a family-owned biotechnology company based in the City of Biotech, in Laval, Quebec. She specializes in the research, manufacturing and marketing of Bio-K + ® probiotics.

  • Bioforce (A. Vogel)


    The love of nature and faith in its healing powers have always been at the heart of the work of naturopathic pioneer Alfred Vogel (1902 - 1996). Organic farming and the sustainable use of natural resources are unavoidable.

  • Biosteel

    BioSteel is leading the wave of healthy sports drinks in the market. We are not just talking about a ‘better for you’ product, but rather one that redefines sports drinks. BioSteel is unmatched in the market and is proud to be raising the bar on consumer expectations of sports drinks, and has become the #1 purchased product in professional sports.

    The BioSteel Way

    Premium ingredients, product transparency, functionality first, and authenticity. These are the values that continue to drive our unwavering dedication to bringing quality nutritional products to locker rooms and households globally, and empowering people to live a performance lifestyle. 

  • Boiron

    Laboratoires BOIRON, a French company that has become a world leader in their specialty: homeopathic medicines. But BOIRON is above all a pharmaceutical company like no other, which combines the synergy of a family history with the passion for homeopathy.

  • Clif

    At Clif, we’re passionate about food. Food that feeds and inspires the adventure in all of us. Whether you’re going on a hike, hitting the slopes, or competing in a triathlon, our recipes are purposefully crafted to help provide the energy you need.

  • Dr Reckeweg

    The origins of Laboratoires DR. RECKEWEG Bensheim, today known worldwide, date back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It was at this time that the natural medicine practitioner, Heinrich Reckeweg (1877-1944), born in Herford (Westphalia, Germany), founded the laboratory "EUPHA" where he developed the very first combined remedies on the based on Hahnemann's principle of similarities. In 1947 the company was refounded by a homeopathic doctor, Dr. Alfred Reckeweg and his brother Klaus-Günther.

    The Pharmazeutische Fabrik DR. RECKEWEG & CO. GmbH, which has achieved internationally recognized standards, is currently managed by Michael Reckeweg. While managing at the height of modern requirements, the current leader of the company feels bound to the heritage of the founder, Heinrich Reckeweg who, by founding the laboratory EUPHA ("eu" means "good" in Greek), committed to making safe and effective medicines.

    It is to this tradition that we must attribute the worldwide success of DR's Gastreu series. RECKEWEG. The brand "Gastreu" suggests that remedies are easy to digest.

  • E3Live

    From Klamath Lake, Oregon, Klamath Seaweed is a superfood that contains phycocyanin, a pigment with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps prevent cancer. Certified Organic and Kosher, it is harvested by E3Live, a company founded in 1991 by Michael Saiber and Tamera Campbell, from reputable growers. They meet all the standards of quality and safety in the harvesting process, which makes it possible to provide a safe product for consumption.

  • Enerex

    The Key-word for this brand? EFFICIENCY. Founded in Vancouver, BC, in 1997, they offer a wide range of high quality nutritive supplements and alternatives to conventional medicine. They use the best ingredients and their manufacturing process allows for maximum preservation of the active ingredients. They are distributed in safe and secure containers that minimize negative impacts on the product AND the environment.

  • Fruitomed

    Fruitomed is a Quebecian compagny specialized in the production of natural products with a high concentration of polyphenols.

  • Genacol

    Genacol is a full range of natural health products to improve your well-being, especially your joint well-being. Genacol products can help you relieve your knee osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis of your hip, your back pain or simply pain related to aging. We also offer topical products made from arnica montana, a medicinal plant that has been recognized for decades for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Genacol can also help you sleep better, with Genacol Sleep and Joint which contains melatonin, among other things, to improve the duration and quality of your sleep.

  • Genuine Health

    We use only pure, natural ingredients

    Our criteria for every ingredient in each of our formulas is constant: It must be pure and natural, research-proven, safe and effective. We are so proud of formulations and the results people get that we want everyone to know about it. We are also proud of what our formulas do not contain, such as: artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, corn, dairy, egg, gluten, yeast, GMO or animal products.

  • Herb-e-concept


    In May 2000 Herb-e-Concept came alive with ideas in her head. All our products have been developed with the same concern, that of helping people in their health in a healthy and natural way.

  • Lotus Aroma

    Lotus Aroma offers a wide range of high quality phyto-aromatic products for the face, body and home.

    Inspired by nature, our unparalleled formulas exude beautifully aromatic olfactory notes while providing sweet, unsuspected pleasures.

    Exceptionally selective sourcing, state-of-the-art in-house research and development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes deliver exceptional efficiency to our products, which we manufacture in our own facilities with unique know-how that meets the highest quality and GMP standards. .

    The Lotus Aroma formulations contain from 53% to 100% active ingredients - including essential oils of unsurpassed purity - all of which are 100% botanical and organic up to 63%. Result: a value for money of the most advantageous.

    All products are vegan, gluten free and GMO free.

    Environmental sustainability is paramount at Lotus Aroma and environmentally conscious consumers will find only pure products in distinctive recyclable containers with high-end glass bottles.

    Lotus Aroma preaches integrity, honesty, transparency and great ethics. And condemns the eco-flourishing.

    Pure. Natural. Refined.

  • Novaë Nutrition - Yellow

    Since 1983, Novaë Nutrition is a brand focused on the nutritional needs of people living in the North who are passionate about promoting Superfoods. Today they present us a new range of Yellow products. Why Yellow? Well yellow is the color of the nutritional yeast the main ingredient in their products. This super food contains all the necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed, as well as bioactive molecules that have antioxidant properties. It comes in the form of flakes, granules or form of powder and is often used in the form of condiment because of its delicious taste of hazelnut and cheese.

  • Nutripur

    A 100% Canadian business, both in terms of its constitution and operations, Nutripur specializes in the manufacture of traditional medicinal herbal products and nutritional supplements. Founded in 1989, Nutripur has focused its efforts in the development of various products specifically designed to relieve health problems. Since its beginnings, Nutripur has been committed to offering the best herbal medicines on the market. We carefully select raw materials of the highest quality possible and strictly follow all manufacturing steps. We do not compromise on the quality of our products. It is in this perspective that we offer all natural source products, free of alcohol, preservatives, artificial colors or other chemical additives. All Nutripur products are manufactured according to government standards of "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) and strict quality control procedures that ensure safe, effective and high quality products. This warranty applies to all products we sell. Our commitment is to constantly invest our efforts in the research and development of products that improve the well-being of our customers in order to improve their quality of life ... NATURALLY!

  • PiperWai

    PiperWai is the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant that uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor. Natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E soothe even the most sensitive skin. Meet your new essential.

  • Pranarom

    For more than 25 years, Pranarôm has focused its energy on making essential oils their rightful place as a complement or even an alternative to traditional allopathy. In filigree, a rigorous scientific requirement, a passionate work of research and development on aromatic essences, their virtues, their risks too, and their infinite combinations. In this context, the search for a label offering the assurance of irreproachable quality has proved essential, as well as training and information, especially with health professionals.

  • Renew life

    Renew Life is North America's leading digestive and cleansing company. Our mandate is to give each of our valued customers the knowledge that will enable them to improve their overall health through the proper functioning of the digestive system and an irreproachable diet. We achieve this goal by providing natural, safe and effective solutions to digestive disorders through our innovative product line and ongoing commitment to education.

  • Sisu

    About SISU

    SISU’s corporate headquarters are located in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Currently, SISU has 50 employees, including a full-time National Sales Team. The corporate headquarters in Burnaby accommodate a New Product Development team as well as Marketing, Quality Control, and Research and Development departments. From warehouses in Burnaby and Montreal, SISU distributes to over 1400 Canadian Health Supplement Retailers.

    Sisu means “inner strength”

    The word "sisu," (pronounced see-sue), can be loosely translated from Finnish as "strength and stubborn determination" combined with "stamina and courage" - especially when overcoming obstacles. At SISU, this definition appropriately explains our devotion to the design and development of premium vitamins and supplements. It also speaks to those who take assertive command of their health and wellness - people like our customers. SISU can help you release your inner strength™.

    SISU mission

    To foster an environment where dedicated people produce premium products and promote good health.

  • Tegor

    Tegor Laboratories combine the best of natural medicine with the highest scientific rigor to create efficient products with the best, carefully selected raw materials from different parts of the world. Vanguard in natural therapies, they are present in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

  • VegaOne

    The key ingredients of vision, determination and serendipity combined when Brendan Brazier and Charles Chang founded Vega. As a professional triathlete, Brendan Brazier recognized that nutrition made good athletes, great. As he self-experimented with different diet types, he realized that clean, plant-based nutrition was the competitive advantage he needed. After meeting Sequel Naturals founder Charles Chang, Brendan pitched the concept of an all-in-one nutritional shake that did not compromise quality, nourishing ingredients for convenience. Just like that, Vega’s first product—Whole Food Health Optimizer—was born. And that was just the beginning.

    Since 2001, Vega has been groundbreakers in the plant-based natural health and performance products industry. From Whole Food Health Optimizer, we’ve expanded to create a range of clean, plant-based nutrition products to help you be better—on your own terms.

  • ViaZen

    ViaZen Pharma is a Quebec-based company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative natural health products that are adapted to current needs.


    All or their products are developed by a team of health professionals. They are manufactured in Quebec in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) in a laboratory accredited by Health Canada and meet the requirements of the same control body (waiting for NPN for certain products).


    ViaZen Pharma formulas are made of high concentration standardized herbal extracts. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, these extracts are associated with easily assimilable minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.